May 8, 2014

Playhouse District Projects

Rendering of Union Village, courtesy of Mack Urban
Oh no! The Playhouse District is stealing Old Pasadena's thunder!  Actually, for the last two years for anyone who's traveled the stretch of Colorado Bl. from Lake on west can't help but notice the changes going on in the PD.  New restaurants started springing up and lots of people started coming in.  The cherry on top is Urth Cafe's opening last year and the crowds just keep on coming.

But the bigger picture is the way Pasadena is moving in the right direction with regards to density planning and design.  That's not to say that there were no hurdles when proposals were first submitted to raze the old furniture store on the corner of Colorado and El Molino, because there were many (the first proposals were nothing like what is currently being erected on the site).  It was good to see the Playhouse District association and Pasadena Heritage play a role in making sure the new building was in keeping with the area's charm and feel.

I was fortunate enough to attend a Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association several months ago where representatives of Mack Urban spoke to our group on the plans for the site that will become Union Village.  To say that my jaw dropped-in a good way-is an understatement: good, sensible planning with a gorgeous design was presented and I could not wait for this project to start.  Not only will this blend nicely to the existing condo complex, Granada Court, but the architects made sure that a connection to Vroman's and thus Colorado Bl would be integral to the design of the new complex.  And the design: wow!  It'll be in the Mission Revival style: so Pasadena!