April 29, 2014


image: Flickr-Dave Amos
Pasadena takes pride in its trees.  I'm proud to live in a city where trees are not just cherished but part of a city's identity.  But when it comes to maintenance I can only give Pasadena a C+.  I live in the Old Pasadena area and since the devastating windstorm two years ago you would think that the city would have learned a lesson and outline some kind of plan to inspect, trim, thin and maintain most, if not all, the trees in the city to prepare for the next devastating windstorm and prevent massive losses.

Take a look at the area around the parking garage near the AT&T building within the Union, Arroyo Parkway, Holly St., Marengo block.  Two years ago crews thinned and trimmed the Pine trees within the private property boundary (within the sidewalk).  The Pines on the city side have grown so thick that they risk being felled during the next 80+ mph winds because windflow is restricted.  And don't get me started on the other trees in the area.  Crews used to come (at least) every other year to work on the trees in this area.  Where are they?

April 7, 2014

New Site, New Tables, New Attitude

Hello everyone!  Just want to update you on the progress of the new website and where I go from here.  I'm hoping to have the new Pasadenaville website live in about a week.  This site you're viewing now will still remain the same although it will revert back to its original address: pasadenaville.blogspot.com.

At the same time, I'm working on some new live edge wood tables while I continue to work on some custom order pieces (which I'm still behind on).  Hope to have the tables listed real soon.

There will also be a blog section within the new website, and though most of the posts will automatically be crossed with this blog you're reading, my thoughts and musings on Pasadena and sustainable living will still live on here.  So stay tuned!